We create your WEB presence.


1. Web Domain

It all starts with a domain name for your business. (For example, urbiz.co.nz.) We will help you search for an available domain name that is suitable for your business or organisation. Once you have decided on the domain name, we will do all the paperwork required to register your domain name on your behalf.


2. Email Address

As soon as your domain name is registered, we can setup an email account for you so that you can start using your professional looking email address (e.g. sales@urbiz.co.nz) instead of your usual urbiz@gmail.com. You can access your new email account from our website, or choose to forward all emails to your new account to your existing email address.


3. Web Design and Development

As soon as we gather enough information from you about your business or organisation, we will kick off the design process. We usually start with a few draft logos and/or concept designs for you to choose from. We will keep you in the loop throughout the design and development process and pay close attention to your feedback so that we can incorporate them into our design.


4. Web Hosting and Maintenance

More often than not, 95% of the website is completed within a couple of weeks after the design process is started, but the final 5% drags on and on because our customers are often too busy to provide us with the required pictures and/or texts to finalise the website! But that's OK. We will continue to maintain and update your website for as long as you choose to stay with us.